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Watch videos of Randy Spelling speaking about Life Coaching and Spirituality. These videos are filled with tools to help you live a better life, create more awareness, find a life coach and more.

Life Coaching

Find out why Life Coaching can change your life, the way you know yourself and your role in the world. Life coaching can be an invaluable tool to get you where you want to be. Randy is an intuitive life coach, based in Portland and Los Angeles, who speaks about relationship coaching, spiritual coaching and many other life coach topics.


Shop now for life coach products such as books, cd’s, crystals, gifts and other products that will help get you in the flow.

New from the Blog

  • The 6 Letter Word that Will Change Your Life

    The 6 Letter Word that Will Change Your Life

    It happens as we get older. In fact, it happens in every stage of our lives. It happens in relationships, with technology, or our views about life. At times we want it. Other times we fear it. This word does...Continue Reading >
  • Finding the Value In You

    Finding the Value In You

    I was talking with some friends yesterday about how life has become incredibly fast paced.  It seems like we move from one thing to another so quickly, just like searching for information on the web.  Someone might want to buy...Continue Reading >
  • Am I Enough?

    Am I Enough?

    I decided to write my stream of consciousness as an example of how, if we listen, we can find a deep truth underneath what is going on so rapidly in our minds.  This was on a day where I found...Continue Reading >
  • Riding the Wave of Harmony

    Riding the Wave of Harmony

    Harmony is a pleasing arrangement of parts; when sounds come together to create a chord; when circumstances align just right to create balance. Being in harmony is like riding a glistening wave that breaks fluidly in one direction creating a playground...Continue Reading >