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Watch videos of Randy Spelling speaking about Life Coaching and Spirituality. These videos are filled with tools to help you live a better life, create more awareness, find a life coach and more.

Life Coaching

Find out why Life Coaching can change your life, the way you know yourself and your role in the world. Life coaching can be an invaluable tool to get you where you want to be. Randy is an intuitive life coach, based in Portland and Los Angeles, who speaks about relationship coaching, spiritual coaching and many other life coach topics.


Shop now for life coach products such as books, cd’s, crystals, gifts and other products that will help get you in the flow.

New from the Blog

  • Riding the Wave of Harmony

    Riding the Wave of Harmony

    Harmony is a pleasing arrangement of parts; when sounds come together to create a chord; when circumstances align just right to create balance. Being in harmony is like riding a glistening wave that breaks fluidly in one direction creating a playground...Continue Reading >
  • Start Your Day With Connection

    Start Your Day With Connection

    It’s morning.  Alarm goes off.  Cell phone gets turned on.  A couple occurrences from yesterday immediately spring forth in the mind as if they have been waiting to raise their hand all semester only to be overshadowed by the to-do-list...Continue Reading >
  • Listening To Your Heart

    Listening To Your Heart

    I get asked all the time, “How do I listen to my heart?”  Even in my Life Coach Training there is so much talk about listening to your heart, following what you are guided towards and slowing down enough to tell the difference...Continue Reading >
  • Molding Your Life

    Molding Your Life

    Are you continually seeing the same things happen over and over in your life?   Are you wanting something different than what you are seeing and frustrated that it isn’t changing? In the video below, I talk about how to view yourself...Continue Reading >